Work with us

Diverse backgrounds. Common goal.

We want to build financial tools that allow everyone to do taxes like the 1%. You will be a member of the founding team, and have a chance to deeply influence product decisions and company direction.

Product Designer
What you'll work on
  • Taking high-level features and translating them into user experiences
  • Rapidly prototyping and testing product experiences
  • Designing user interfaces for web and mobile
  • Joining us in talking to users, constantly
What we're looking for
  • Track record of work on successful product launches
  • Ability to leverage user interview and behavioralal data in identifying product opportunities
  • Translate your designs into web-based experiences
  • Ability to work beyond traditional design roles

Data Scientist
What you'll work on
  • Identifying opportunities to leverage customer data while maintaining a 100% commitment to privacy
  • Improving the accuracy of Truffle's tax deduction discovery engine
  • Helping our users understand their financial state based on their transaction data
What we're looking for
  • Ability to take business requirements and translate them into engineering requirements effectively
  • Track record of work on successful projects
  • At least 4 years of production data science experience

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