Terms and Conditions

We strive to keep our legal terms and conditions simple and meaningful. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Truffle is a service operated by TAXTOOL VENTURE I LLC. We, us, Truffle, The Company, etc. refer to the Truffle service owned by TAXTOOL VENTURE I LLC.

Before registering a Truffle account, you agree to these terms and conditions. You may print a copy of these terms and conditions for your records. When you start using Truffle, we will assume you have agreed to our terms and conditions. Once you use the Service, you are bound to the terms until you terminate your account with us.

Provision of Services

Truffle may change its services or add new features. We may do this without prior notice to you. We will however, give you a 7 day notice should our services cease to operate. If Truffle ceases to operate, we will delete all of your personal data. You are not required to inform us if you stop using our service.

Terminating Your Account

At any time, you may request Truffle to terminate your account. All of your personal data will be deleted, including account details, transactions and your payment information. Please send an email to support@gotruffle.com to request account deletion. We will make our best effort to respond as soon as possible.


If you are unsatisfied with Truffle, you may request a refund within 30 days. We will refund your payment.

Use of Service

You may only add accounts to Truffle for whom the owner is filing taxes with you. For example, you may add a spouse’s account if you are filing jointly. You may not add accounts for entities or persons that are unrelated to your tax filings.

Limitation of Liability

Truffle shall not be responsible for reliance you place on the accuracy, completeness or outcomes of using our service. We highly recommend you take the results of Truffle and show them to a CPA or a professional accountant. Truffle shall also not be responsible for your failure to keep your email or password secure.


Truffle logos and slogans are registered trademarks of Truffle in the U.S. They may not be used in a way with other services that causes confusion.